January 19, 2016

Mission, Vision, Values


We believe that great businesses deserve the best suppliers. We have made it our sole purpose to find, introduce and develop great business relationships. We understand small and medium enterprise and the challenges that all SME’s face on a daily basis – which is why we put our “money where our mouth is”. Our exclusive “Hospitality Plus” service offering guarantees that we will make the savings you need or it will be free.


Our vision is to be Australia’s one-stop-shop for all business purchasing and procurement services. We truly believe that through a win-win approach, the best outcomes can be achieved for suppliers and consumers alike. No matter what your strategy, we see ourselves being a value add partner in achieving your own business vision.


Our company lives by it’s values, and has built it’s business on these values. We don’t compromise, we don’t trade off, and we don’t waiver on what we see as our business foundation. These core values are;

Integrity – In all our dealings, our ethical, honest approach is resolute.

Win-win – Everyone we deal with is a partner. We will always work to get the best outcome, and by doing so, generate confidence and assurance.

Be on your side – We want you to have the utmost confidence that we are fully on your side, not just while working for you, but also before and after as well. We do not take commissions, we do not take any incentives from suppliers and we keep your information confidential.

Transparency & Clarity – In all that we do. We conduct ourselves in good faith and will do everything to ensure you are fully aware of all dealings we have on your behalf.